Life coaching has deeply enriched my life. I have a truly blessed life! Of course there are challenges that sometimes seem overwhelming, but I have choices and options and people to support me. I’ve always known this to some extent, but working with a life coach and going through training for being a life coach has opened a whole new horizon of ideas and choices that I never really noticed before!

I have no regrets about where I am in life or how I’ve gotten here, but sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have found out about life coaching when I was in college. The late teens and twenties contain so many questions about what’s next, who’s next, where’s next and why. It’s a perfect time for a life coach to help find clarity in all that questioning and wondering. I imagine I would have cut years off my wondering and wandering!

That’s why I’m so excited to come alongside people in the midst of those kind of places in their lives! I understand what it’s like to be in university and wondering whether I’m in the right field of study. I understand what it’s like to transition from one career to the other after establishing a career. And I understand what it feels like to want to utilize my full potential.

The cool thing about life coaching is that it is client driven and forward moving. We only look back in order to move forward. It’s not therapy or counseling. It doesn’t assume people have a problem they need help with or are out of alignment in their life. Rather, it realizes that every person has answers and potential to design the life they want and create steps to get there!