What if you could take a problem you are working on but can’t quite figure out, put it in a box, wait several hours, and then open the box to the solution? How valuable would that box be to you?

Amazingly, as humans, we are designed with that kind of box right behind our eyes! It’s called our subconscious mind. Studies have shown that our subconscious mind is always at work on whatever our conscious mind is feeding it, coming up with possibilities and solutions that we don’t ever realize is happening.

I’ve seen this power at work in my own mind just like box scenario above. In college, I would be working on an engineering problem in the evening that I couldn’t quite figure out. Rather than pull an all nighter, I would climb into bed and sleep on it. When I woke up, I solved the problem with ease!

So, how do we tap into this hidden thought power for a better life? Napolean Hill, in Think and Grow Rich, shares the idea of auto-suggestion. He explains that the subconscious mind will work on whatever the conscious mind allows in there. If our thinking is focused on negative feelings and emotions, then our subconscious mind will be steeped in negative material, possibilities and solutions. But we can reverse that negativity and focus the subconscious toward something more productive by changing what we place our attention on.

One very important place to start channelling our subconscious power is by becoming aware of how we talk to ourselves. One of the most natural ways of talking to ourselves is very harsh. We are our own worse critics! By becoming aware of this, we can change it. We can begin to talk to ourselves in much more positive ways.

In fact, a great way to start is to write down the kind of person you want to be. What would you like to look like, act like and be like? How would it feel to be that kind of person? Take some time with this. When you can really see and feel that this is the person you want to be, start focusing on what it`s like. Vision it in your mind. Really feel it and want it.

As you spend time regularly visioning this person, your subconscious will go to work to make it happen! It will be focused on opportunities that it wasn’t before, and you will find yourself slowly becoming this person!

How will you put your hidden thought power to work today?