We all want our families to thrive in a wonderful home environment. For many of us, there`s a certain home ambience we long for that we know isn’t there. Sometimes we feel it as we look at pictures of fond memories and revisit those blissful moments in our minds. And then we come back to the present and see all the things that keep us unsettled and agitated.home ambience

What is that feeling of ambience that we long for in our home? If you`re like me, you know you want something more, but you`re not really sure what it is. It`s a frustrating place to be sometimes. So, how do you get what you`re not even sure it is?

I recently went through an exercise with my personal coach that really helped me begin to create the home ambience I’ve always wanted.

As I tried to explain this frustrated feeling of wanting something more but not really knowing what that something more is, he asked me to list the words that describe what I want.

Amazingly, the words flowed off my tongue quickly and easily! And it only took me 7 words before I knew I had it!

It`s amazing how one simple step launched me in the right direction. Once I had these words, I had a description of the home ambience I wanted. Instead of focusing on what I didn’t like about the feeling in my home, I could now focus on what I did want – a wonderful paradigm shift!

And, I could begin working on how to create it.

I took those 7 words and began looking through pictures until I found one that most evoked the feeling I was looking for.

Then, I arranged the words on the picture so I had a compelling portrayal of the home ambience I wanted for my family.

However, this was only the beginning! The image I created became the target to shoot for. It defined what I wanted. Without it, I knew what I didn`t want, but knowing what you don’t want isn’t very inspiring. It`s much more inspiring to work toward something you do want.

Now, I can take one word at a time and brainstorm ways I can work toward achieving the feeling of that word. One of my words is appreciated. I want people in my home to feel like they are appreciated. Some of the ways I can work toward that feeling are: knowing the names of my kid’s friends and calling them by name, noticing things about each person that I appreciate and sharing with them, saying thank you, and the list can go on and on.

After making a long list of ideas, I can pick a couple I resonate with and work on those until they become engrained in my routine.

The secret to the ambience you want in your home is to hone in on a definition that is so descriptive that you can feel it. Something so real that it inspires you to take small steps toward realizing it.

What are the words that come to your mind as you imagine the feeling you want in your home? Send me a note if you want to hear mine, and I’d love to hear yours as well!