SuccessIf asked whether we want our family to be successful or unsuccessful, the answer is obvious. However, our definition of success may vary.

Business Insider posted an article claiming:

Science says parents of successful kids have these 13 things in common

It’s a great article with the assumed definition of success being that kids who stay out of trouble, do well in school and do awesome things as adults.

I agree with most of the 13 traits, with a few caveats…

Number 5 states that successful parents have attained higher educational levels. This is true if success means high levels of education and money making careers. I believe that parents of any educational level can raise great adults if they work on their own character as a model and teach character qualities that contribute to make the world better.

Number 10 says that the moms work outside the home. I have respect for moms who work and moms who choose to stay home. My experience taking care of children personally has helped me realize that it’s easier to go to work! In my opinion, whether mom or dad or both work outside the home, children whose parents are around when home when the children are benefit greatly.

Additionally, when both parents work outside the home, housework, bonding with children, having time for children, and being intentional about parenting will naturally increase stress. Number 8 states that successful parents are less stressed. Given the choice between working for more money or having a little less and being less stressed, I would go for less stress.

Number 11 claims that successful parents have a higher socioeconomic status. Again, it depends on what the definition of success is, and how intentional the parents are in teaching their children important character qualities.

Read the article and tell me what you think (!