Bullying has devastating effects on everyone. There’s nothing good about bullying, yet it exists and hurts everyone involved. The effects for both the bully and the bullied can be severe and last a lifetime.bullying

It is a problem, no question. But, it can also be an opportunity to help your child learn how to deal with bullies for the rest of their life. When people think of bullying, they often think of school. However, bullies can be found in many other places, and bullies come in all ages.

Bosses or colleagues can be bullies. People in authority or everyday peers can bully. So if you look at it as equipping your child to deal with difficult people in life, it can be an opportunity to teach an important life-skill.

This is not to make light of bullying in any way. There are cases where bullies need to be held accountable and sometimes you may need to take immediate action to remove your child from harm and get professional help.

Teenagers feel tremendous pressure to fit in. When they feel they are different, and those feelings are reinforced by bullying, their image of themselves collapses and can lead to isolation, sadness, depression and even self-mutilation.Read More