What is Personal Coaching?

HeadshotPersonal coaching is a powerful tool that can help you get very clear and focused on how to become a better parent. It’s very specific to the issues you are dealing with, right now, as a parent of teenagers.

It’s a relationship between me, the coach, and you, the parent that focuses on developing your full potential. Similar to athletics where the athlete has the skill and the coach helps draw it out, my goal as your coach is to help draw out your hidden wisdom to design the life you want.

As a coach, I know that you are the expert on your life. My expertise is in the process of discovering with you what you want and how to design the ideal life for you and your family.

Coaching is a powerful tool that facilitates clarity, imagines an exciting future, and designs steps to get there. Many successful companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and thriving people make coaching a priority because the results are so apparent.

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